We haz winz

20 Jan

Woot, look at us go! Wally got WD and BOW again for another 3pt’er! This makes the goal of finishing this weekend a real possibility. And once again I took BOW over a bitch with a pro handler (different handler than yesterday). It is so gratifying as a very amateur owner-handler to beat a pro, someone who you see in magazines and handling #1 dogs. Trust me though, I’m watching them constantly to learn and improve!

Apparently I look pretty professional myself, I’ve gotten several very flattering comments this week. Two people thought I was a Junior handler, which means I look both professional and a decade younger than I am. Others were surprised to learn that Wally is my first show dog since I handle him so well. I heard from one person that I handle very fluidly and dress very professionally. I can only thank Marion and Wayne for all the training I’ve had, though I will take credit for having a willingness (and ability) to learn. I can’t take credit for my so-called natural talent, but it’s pretty mind blowing to have people approach me thinking in a pro. Imagine how much better I can be with more training and experience!


Watching the hound group earlier, love the color on this Wolfhound

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