02 Feb

Guess what?! Nah, you’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you: today Tweed went in for her AI breeding! They’re doing a surgical implant of frozen semen from Otr, who is Wally’s great-grandsire on Harley’s side and somewhere back there on Tweed’s side too (so it’s a linebreeding). I absolutely love Otr, he’s so leggy and elegant, so I can’t wait to see what puppies come of this breeding.

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I have a secret hope I’ll get an Otr-Bebe girl from the litter, even if it means I can’t breed her directly to Wally. Although I started with a male, I firmly believe that you need a great foundation bitch to have the strongest and fastest positive impact on a breeding program. Half-sib breedings are not unheard of and have resulted in phenomenal dogs, but it is very close up and you’re as likely to cement bad traits as you are good. Inbreeding isn’t bad in and of itself but it can be bad if not carefully thought through. But I digress… Instead I’m thinking I could breed Otr-Bebe to someone else and keep a girl from her litter, then go back to Wally. Obviously this isn’t something I’ve been thinking about. ;)

Puppies in 63-65 days, fingers crossed!


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