Getting schooled

11 Feb

Today was Wally’s and my third lesson with Cathy Soule, and I just can’t stop lovin’ it! We both have such a blast since Cathy makes it easy and fun for both of us. She’s always willing to explain and listens when I bring up a concern or add my own input. Such as luring to turn left.

I’m not a huge fan of luring (I prefer shaping) but I realize it has it’s place, especially when introducing new behaviors. The problem is that Wally gets way too focused on the lure and doesn’t even realize what he’s doing, which means he isn’t actually learning (haha, lure-ning). I mentioned this to Cathy and she suggested we use a target stick instead. Works a charm! Plus it’ll be a lot easier to fade out gradually since I can simply shorten the stick until he’s following my hand signal.

Here’s what we’re working on right now:

– Watch

– Pop sits

– Left

– Back

– Come

– Resistance Stays

– Touch

– Finding Front

– The Pot: with front feet on an upturned pot the dog pivots the back end around the pot

– Look at me

– Catch

– Place

– Around

– Puppy pushups


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