Gerber in the front yard

22 Feb

Just a little bit ago I was standing in front of the sink peeling sweet potatoes (which are Wally’s new fave food) and having an internal dialog between myself and this dude I saw while walking Wally. The dude was the male half of a middle-aged couple arriving home from somewhere, and he seemed extra interested in Wally. I was trying to think of reasons he was so interested, other than the obvious Wally is super awesome. On our walk I’d noticed that there was a lot of dog poop left on the sidewalk so I decided to go with that as his reason: a concerned home owner keeping an eye on a potential poop depositor. In the end I mentally explained to him that the tiny poop on Rainier Ave was too small to be Wally’s even though he’s a small dog. It was probably from the Mini Dox down the street.

I’m so weird.

Oh yeah, so about those sweet potatoes. Wally has reached the point of food apathy that causes him to go days without eating more than a mouthful. I swear up and down that I didn’t create this picky monster, he’s been this way since we got him. I think it’s just how he is, and also the fact that he has no competition for food at our house. Being a single dog does make one a little complacent. So lately I’ve been trying sweet potatoes and hallelujah, the boy eats! His poop looks exactly like baby food.

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