Not a seafood man

27 Feb

Judging from the look on Wally’s face when I offered him a shrimp, he’s not a seafood kind of guy. I actually laughed hysterically because he would lick the shrimp a few times and try so hard to put it in his mouth but when he did he actually seemed to gag. It looked something like “rub shrimp on gums, turn head the other way and heave a little, turn head back and try to eat the damn thing.” Wally is determined to try to eat everything, which is odd given his finickiness over the dinner bowl.

In other news, I’m finally an official member of the BTCA! To anyone applying, let me be the first to tell you that it takes forever. I applied in Oct 2011 and it’s now just days from March 2012. Granted there’s not really a hurry, but it was a surprisingly glacial process. The bad news is I kinda forgot about the check I wrote them, which has probably been cashed. Now that part really is kind of annoying. Maybe they should collect your dues after you’re approved, or warn you before they deposit the check. Because it’s hard to plan your finances around a chunk of money that could disappear at any moment. And like I said, I kinda forgot. :)

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