Seattle show, day one

10 Mar



Who wouldn’t love this face? I got home from day one of the Seattle show and looked back to see Wally looking like this: spectacular. And yet he didn’t win!

It’s been a very long day, longer than the average dog show. I woke up at 4:30a and tomorrow I have to get up even earlier: 3am. OGG! At this point I’m a little more functional since I ate some food. Apparently going 14 hours with no real food makes your brain shut down. I was a zombie. I spewed very bad words at lousy drivers on my way home and accidentally said “coat” instead of “car” when talking to Sandi.

I think I’m rambling at this point (it’s hard to tell, my brain is working so slow). Wally was the nicest boy there but didn’t get any love from the judge. Jazzy, on the other hand, got the 3pt major for girls and finished her CH. Go Jazzy! I also learned some personal lessons, which at this point will go unexplored. But woot, go Jazz!

I’m excited about tomorrow, it feels like it will be a good day. New judge, my winning suit, and Jazzy is done (for some reason they never both win on the same day, makes no sense). Plus Wally is pooped from today, which means he’ll be able to focus better tomorrow. We always do better on day two. Hopefully better means WINNER! :)

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