Swagger of a Champion

11 Mar

Oh you know, we finished our Champion title today. Oh wait, what? Yes. CHAMPION.

Last night I told Isaac that Sunday would be a good day. It felt like it would be a good day. And hoo-boy was it! I woke up at THREE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING (just wanted to make sure you saw that, it was pretty crazy) and Wally woke up at 3:30am since he’s a total wienie. I blame the stupid WSF schedule for this, we had to catch a 5:20am ferry since the next one wasn’t until 7:20am. We were on at 8am. So we got on this stupid-early ferry and then it was so damn early that not a single coffee shop was open. Even the coffee shop inside the exhibition hall didn’t open until 7am and we got in there at 6am. The good thing about this ridiculously early time was there was nobody in the parking lot booth, so I didn’t have to pay $11 to park. HA!

As I had predicted Wally and I felt good. He was focused and I was calm. We went in for our class, the only one in our class, and of course got 1st. Finally we went back in for Winner’s and everyone lined up on the mat. after a few seconds the judge asked us to gait around. I made it to the first corner and he immediately pointed to us saying firmly, “Winners”. WOOHOO! I did a sort of run dance to the WD spot, which may or may not be protocol. Eh, whatevs. WE WON! We went to the Emerald City and the Wizard gave us a 4pt major!

Next came Best of Breed, which included Sandy Moore’s Meadowlake bitch, Dunkin, and Jazzy, plus the WB. Even though I knew we wouldn’t take BOB I gave it our best anyway. Good thing too since we took Best of Opposite and Best of Winners! WOW! An amazing end to an amazing day! We finished our CH with a 4pt major and took BOW/BOS in a sweep! Of course I got a photo and asked for a CD so I could send a copy to everyone I know. ;)

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