That was exciting

15 Mar

Wally, Isaac, and I got back from our walkabout just a few minutes ago. It was awesome to complain about the sun in my eyes, nothing else I’d rather complain about, except maybe “what should I spend my lottery winnings on?”. We were almost home, walking past a particular house on Rainier. They have a Pit Bull and a Sheltie that happened to be out in the yard running the fence and barking.

The instant we passed the gate the Pit Bull barely even touched it and it popped right open, allowing him to charge out with hackles raised. My first thought was “holy sh!t, pick up Wally NOW” so I yanked him up by the leash (my apologies to Wally’s trachea, desperate times call for desperate measures). My next thought was “holy shi!t I think this dog might actually jump me to get at Wally.” Luckily the owner came out and casually called his dog back, all the while holding a Yorkie. He apologized, to which I responded with restraint, “just make sure your gait is locked!” Wally, true to himself, decided the dog didn’t want to play after all and was an a-hole, which prompted him to want to take him on.

I love Pit Bulls, I really do, so I don’t want anyone to add this to their bucket of anti-Pit fodder. But damn! I hate it when people are irresponsible dog owners. The casualness of this guys response made me think this wasn’t the first time it had happened. Reminds me of my neighbor, the crappy one with the obnoxious dogs.

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