They caught me walking on sunshine

23 Mar

Apparently Wally and I were not alone when I serenaded him with “Wally Dog” sung to a more upbeat tune of “Spider Pig“. We were crossing Montgomery to head home and I needed entertaining (my big toe hurts) so I invented new lyrics. I didn’t realize that a couple with their aged Golden Retriever, whose house I had just passed, was standing on their porch the whole time. I didn’t realize this until they cheerfully — and with a giggle in their voice — waved and said, “hello!” Since I could neither confirm nor deny that they had heard me I just smiled and said “hello!” back, then merrily walked away. Sunshine is the magic fairy dust that makes you not care if people heard you singing a nonsensical song to your dog.

Sunshine is also magical for grooming. I took my grooming table across the street to my neighbor’s yard so I could groom in the sun. Jeff’s only there on Sundays since he bought a house in Seattle and I knew he wouldn’t mind. So Wally got to bitch and moan in the sunshine instead of in front of the kitchen sink. Our street has a fair amount of traffic so plenty of people were amused by the appearance of a dog being groomed roadside. One woman even drove by twice so she could stop and ask me if I groom on the side! She was so impressed with how calm Wally was that she wanted me to groom her dog. I was flattered but referred her to Marion’s granddaughter at Petco. Though I’ve worked in grooming I have no training in haircuts. But I can pull a Border!

All in all we’re ready for tomorrow. I’m probably going to spend the whole day at the show since Sandi is on at 9:30a, Dawn at 12:30p, and us at 2:15p. Going so late kinda sucks! The only good thing is if we made it to Groups we wouldn’t have to wait long. I feel pretty relaxed right now since there aren’t any points at stake. Hope it lasts!

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