Wally got game

01 Apr

It’s been said that the Border Terrier is not a true working terrier. After Tuesday night I would disagree!

Keeping a watchful eye

After waiting an hour for Isaac to disinfect his computer of malware I decided it was time for bed and took Wally out for his last pee. We were walking by the alley when he came upon something next to the neighbor’s garage and jumped back in surprise. My first reaction was, “oh crap he must have found a snake.” No, it was even worse. He found a RAT. Recovered from his initial surprise Wally was gung-ho to have at the thing, snapping at it and jumping around in a circle. Of course I was paranoid that the rat would injure him or infect him with some exotic rat disease (it was acting strangely lethargic) so I immediately picked Wally up and yelled for Isaac.

As I’m holding a struggling, groaning, growling Wally, Isaac comes around the corner with a garden rake. At first I was in disbelief, what’s he gonna do, stab it to death? Cruel! But no, he also wanted to dispatch it in as painless a manner as possible. So he tried to smash it’s head in order to break it’s neck. Good intentions, bad practical outcome. In the end he did kill it and it was enormous once we saw the entire thing. Gross! Once the rat was gone I let Wally down, at which point he immediately and frantically searched the area several times; I had to drag him into the house. Even days later he has to check that spot every time we go by.

Gross as it was, I was darn proud of Wally’s instincts! And also realized that Bremerton is kinda gross. Too bad we didn’t win the Mega Millions, we’d be outta here!

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