No lazy Sunday

04 Apr

Usually our weekends are pretty relaxed. We might go out for coffee on Sat morning and then spend the day puttering around the house or researching our latest obsession. Not last Sunday! Talk about a stressful day, we thought that Wally might have rat poisoning. The thought hadn’t occurred to me until Marion called and ran through the symptoms with me: high fever, lethargic, shivering, bleeding gums, nasty breath. Then she said those dreaded words, “rat poison.”

When you buy rat poison you probably don’t think about how it actually works. Most rat poisons prevent blood clotting, which ultimately causes the animal to bleed out internally. Thinking about it that way, Wally could have been in big trouble! We didn’t know of any rat poison around the house but after finding that rat outside there was a chance someone in the neighborhood had put some out. Even though Wally is always supervised outside we might not have seen him eat a chunk if it was in tall grass.

So now that I was properly freaked out (I’m sure Marion didn’t think I was, I usually get really quiet and calm when I’m freaking out) I told Isaac we were going to the vet. That was the worst part because it was a Sunday and that meant outrageous office fees, but of course I didn’t question it. This is Wally! I would sell an ovary to ensure his well-being! We arrive and they give him a look see. By now Wally was acting more energetic but they agreed that a blood sample and testing was the best course of action. Then we waited.

He was fascinated by what might be on the other side of that door

And waited. A dog that had been hit by a car had come in, which understandably took precedence over a dog that was enthusiastically exploring the exam room. Finally they came back with the result: not poisoned! Woohoo! What a huge relief. So then what was it? Probably a virus, they concluded, picked up at the dog show we’d been to the previous weekend. The bleeding gums? Probably gingivitis, which is embarrassing. A 13mo old pup with poor dental hygiene? *hide my head in shame* On the other hand Marion did say that Harley has always had really awful breath and had lost several teeth, so it’s probably inherited (isn’t it like that with people?). Needless to say we’ll be working on dental hygiene from now on.

In any case we walked out with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Oh, and a big old bald patch where they drew blood. Good thing we’re not showing again until June!

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