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06 May

On Thurs Wally had his very first chiropractor visit. Why take him to the chiro? Aside from wanting to be like the cool kids (read Showdog ;) we also noticed a slight roach in his otherwise stellar topline. After determining that it wasn’t just too much coat — because Wally has such great coat that it could have been that — we decided it must be a subluxation. Turns out we were right!

There are animal chiropractors around here but since I’ve seen the same chiro for over 10 years I went to him. A friend did recommend someone else and I called him, but he charged $30 per visit, whereas my doc would do it for free. Booyah, 10+ years of loyalty pays off! He doesn’t normally adjust animals but a spine is a spine.

We showed up after hours and Wally acted like this was his favorite place in the world even though he’d never been there in his life. He got a little spastic when the other doctor’s wife came in with three kids, going bonkers trying to play with them. Borders, at least Kilcreggan ones, are genetically predisposed to be insanely in love with children. We don’t have kids and don’t know any, but Wally thinks kids are better than bacon. And everybody knows how awesome bacon is. To avoid being a complete nuisance we worked on down stays and leave it, score one for working in a distracting environment.

Dr Joe used an actuator to adjust him, which I guess is fairly common for animal chiropractors. I’m not sure if it’s any better or worse than hands only, but it did work. We talked about why I’d brought him in and Joe found a “stuck” vertebra in the loin area, immediately saying “oh yeah, this one isn’t even moving.” After a couple shots with the actuator (with Wally looking back wild-eyed as he gobbled on rollover) the vertebra was back to normal. Then he checked his neck, which I suggested based on the fact that Wally has horrible leash manners and pulls me everywhere (embarrassing yes, we need to work on that; add it to the list). He found another spot there, then declared Wally good to go. We’ll be going back on Mon for a follow-up, when I’ll ask about bringing him in prior to shows for a quickie.

Does Wally seem different? It’s hard to say since a terrier ignores discomfort in favor of SQUIRREL/LEAF/PAPER/LIFE, but he did seem more rambunctious that night and his topline was back to normal. The next morning his back seemed a little touchy, perhaps from the actuator putting so much pressure in one spot, but on our morning walk he seemed to have more pep in his step. Overall I would say that it worked and I will definitely keep him on regular visits, either with Joe or someone who works exclusively on animals. The benefit to an actual animal chiropractor would be that they know how to adjust the body in areas other than the spine. They also know what areas typically need adjusted for various sports, like sighthounds needing their pasterns adjusted. We’ll see what Joe says about bringing on Wally as a regular and go from there.

P.S. Wally is a little sore still, I think I’ll ask Joe about dialing down the actuator to a lower PSI. Overall though Wally does seem improved.

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