Head scratchers

08 May

Only 1 time out of, say, 50, does someone actually know what breed Wally is. The Border Terrier isn’t very common so most people haven’t ever seen or heard of one. Heck, I hadn’t either until PDFC 2010! But everybody loves to think they know all about dogs and they confidently guess what breed Wally is. Some of the guesses have been doozies!

One guy guessed Red Heeler

Brussels Griffon, a fairly common guess

When he was a little puppy a guy guessed Pit Bull. The guy said he owned a Pit, so you'd think he would know what one looked like

Chinese Crested. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Cairn Terrier, also a fairly common guess

Border Collie cross. After I say he's a Border Terrier they say, "Oh a cross between a Border Collie and a Terrier!" Noooo...

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