Secret Weapon

12 May

Do you frequently get pulled over by the police for traffic violations? Is your “I had no idea officer” bit no longer working for you? Have you mysteriously lost your slick verbal skills that used to get you out of tickets and now you find yourself *gulp* actually getting a real ticket? Get a Border Terrier!

No one, man or woman, can resist the Border Terrier. Male cops will think he’s the most adorable yet totally manly dog they’ve ever met. The BT is the dude they want to hang out with on weekends who acts as wingman at the local Starbucks patio, then watches man movies and drinks beer. Females cops just think he’s adorable and scruffy, wanting to smoosh his cute little face as he showers them in kisses. For them it’s just the pure cuteness, no other qualifications needed.

How do I know this? A couple months ago I got pulled over for having my headlight out. The female cop was immediately more friendly when she saw Wally, saying what a cute dog he was. I only got a warning (perhaps thanks to Wally), but it was clear that having a Wally in the car is good policy when you’re getting pulled over!

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