How do I love thee, let me count the ways

16 May

I freakin’ love Wally. Every day after work I break the law on the freeway, speeding to get home to Wally. He’ll be waiting, looking out the front window from the back of the loveseat as I pull in the driveway. By the time I get in the house he’s sitting 5ft from the baby gate waiting for me to take it down so he can launch himself at me in his delirious excitement to see me (running past Isaac without a second glance, almost feel sorry for the guy but he doesn’t mind). The only way to stop the joyous leaping and rebounding off of furniture is to sit down on the futon, at which point he leaps onto my lap, shoves his head under my chin, and lays his front end sideways on my chest as he revels in my presence. All the while he’s making strange monkey sounds and shaking his whole body with happiness. All of this from my mere presence. You’d think I was a god! [Caveat: this routine has more than once resulted in a painful headbutt to the mouth, as in Wally’s head to my mouth.]

It’s not just his pure adoration though, that’s only a small part of it. Waking up with Wally makes me happy. Going to bed with Wally makes me happy. Walking through the house with his cheek constantly brushing on my calf makes me happy. The little dude makes me happy just existing! Even in his most naughty, awful moments I have to laugh at his audacity. How appropriate that his registered name includes “Audacious”. :)


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