To do, schmoo doo

19 May

I know this will surprise no one, but moving is a lot of work. In an effort to stay semi-organized I started a list of things to get done before I leave. The problem is that the list never gets shorter, only longer! I’ve started a fourth page, oy.

Did you know that it’s nearly impossible to find a decent duvet cover? I have a queen size down comforter that needs a new cover, and the task of finding a duvet cover that is good quality, less than $100, and not ugly is turning out to be an exercise in frustration. I guess I should just pick something since I need to order it this weekend. With only 2.5 weeks left I can’t wait much longer! You might be wondering why I don’t just keep the old one. It’s so old that the thin fabric has torn open, so now the bottom has no buttons and top has no seam. It’s kind of like a down taco in there.

I’ve also spent a lot of time figuring out minor details, such as do I need to register my car in CA? Do I qualify for state health insurance? Since I don’t, what does Planned Parenthood offer for non-sexy-time healthcare? What do I do with my 401(k); should I bother to roll it over into a Roth IRA? How will I bank since I use a credit union? What local vets are available? Can my chiropractor refer me to someone? What’s the best way to take care of my teeth so that I don’t need a dentist? Why is Gary Sinise in Temecula? And, of course the most important question, is there a nearby Costco?

Then I think of the small random things that need done, like washing my pillow and packing my passport (ohai-o gozaimasu Nippon!). The good thing about moving is that I’m finally motivated to sell all the stuff I’ve been either meaning to sell or stuff I hadn’t committed to sell. Fine, I’ll sell the treadmill I haven’t used this calendar year. And the CK skirt suit I bought and should have returned but didn’t, so now I have a brand new with tags suit that doesn’t fit and taunts me from the back of the closet. Or the snakeskin cowboy boots I bought 10 years ago when I thought being a cowboy was cool (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha; oh sorry). I guess being a real cowboy is still cool, but for that to be true you need to spend 8+ hours a day riding a horse and herd cattle. I just made that up; I don’t know what qualifies you to be a cowboy.

I’ll be broke as a joke at first since I’ll only get one real paycheck for the whole month of June, so I’m trying to avoid spending money on anything. Another reason I’m trying to sell so much stuff — I just need the cash! So when I realized that I won’t be going to Woofstock (it’s the weekend I move down, not the weekend after I get there) I returned the stuff I bought. Before I might have kept the $12 maxi dress, but with my new perspective I’m thinking “hell no, I want that $12 for FOOD!” In a way I’m excited about this because it will force me to learn frugality, something that’s hard to do when you have disposable income.

I’ll probably breath a huge sigh of relief when we finally leave since that means the end of my to-do list, whether it’s done or not!

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