He’s da debil

03 Jun

It’s been a busy week for Wally and I. Probably more me than him, but he’s been one pooped pup all weekend.

I had Mon off for Memorial day, but was sick all last weekend so it really didn’t feel like a long weekend. In fact the 4 day work week felt like a 6 day work week! At work I was kept super busy training employees, creating documents of procedures, doing my normal duties, and tying up loose ends. One good thing about quitting is that you suddenly get all kinds of appreciation for the work you did! I got lots of kind emails from customers and co-workers from all over the world, not to mention my (former) boss telling me how awesome I had been. Almost makes you think about staying. ;-)

Yesterday my good friend Alma had a going away shindig for us and Wally got to play with Chief the dachshund. Wally and Chief played for HOURS and by the time we got home Wally was collapsi-puppy. I got sucked into Criminal Minds but eventually had to go to bed. Since Isaac had already headed up I was on final pee patrol but I had to physically lift Wally’s head off the floor to put his collar on. I took my hoodie off and threw it on the floor behind me, not realizing that Wally was sitting there. Apparently this didn’t bother him because after 5min he still looked like this.

Today we met my mom for coffee and took a walk in downtown Bremerton. Wally always loves walking the marina so we went down the boardwalk and made our way out to the breakwater. This afternoon we went over to Mom’s and Wally got chased around the living room by Quincy. I think Wally will always think of Quincy as the devil!

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