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05 Jun

For the first time all day I get to actually relax for a minute and take a breather! Yesterday was a bit less productive than planned so today was do or die. I got up at 6am and chipped away at the seemingly insurmountable task of packing, but I got it done! My car is FULL and there’s barely enough room for the three of us and our remaining small bags. Once again Wally rides in the front seat; you know he won’t complain. :)

The past couple days have been sad as I realize these are the last times I will see the people I care about, at least for several months. The past couple weeks have been really fantastic though as I got to spend time with just about everyone! It’s really made me appreciate what awesome and amazing people I have in my life, I only wish I’d spent more time with them when I had the time to spend! I’m leaving Washington feeling very loved and supported, and really hoping that people come visit me. :)

In typical Washington style, it’s been raining all day. Right now I’m dreaming of SoCal sunshine, but maybe I’ll actually miss all the rain? I don’t know though, I did start hissing like a cat at the rain when it surprised me in the driveway… Washington rain has this way of stabbing you through any non-waterproof shirt or jacket, I don’t know how it does it. One thing I know I won’t miss are the nasty winters we’ve had the last few years, the ones that made me consider a 4WD vehicle. And I won’t miss the summers with an avg temp of 65F. I’m ready for flip flop and tank top weather! :D I will miss the mountains, trees, and water; that will be at least partially made up for by actual sandy beaches with warm water only 45min away. Unlike here, where only the most mentally disturbed people go swimming in the ocean (or children, who don’t seem to possess nerve endings), people in California can actually swim in the ocean in a real swimsuit. No wetsuit required!

What beaches look like in Washington

What beaches look like in California (click for image credit)

And of course I’m really going to miss everybody. If this weren’t my dream job and all that I would be having some doubts about leaving, but I’ve never felt more certain that I had to do something. I mean, my dream job. I still can’t believe I’m going to get paid to do what I do on weekends as a hobby. I will get paid to do what I do for fun. That in an of itself is a dream come true!

Also, Wally’s breath stinks something awful and we’re going to be stuck in a car for 2 days. Great.

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