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09 Jun

A few things we have observed in the last couple days…

1. People in California are CRAZY drivers. I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you, you’ve heard the rumors, but they aren’t just speeding all crazy on the freeway (of course they do that). They don’t yield to pedestrians, don’t use turn signals, run red lights, and generally don’t pay attention while driving. Unless you want to die behind the wheel you must be a VERY defensive driver.

2. It would seem that two people are responsible for naming city streets, and they’re in a fight. You’re driving along looking for Yukon Dr but it also has a sign that says Horizon Rd. WTH? One street will have two names, which makes it difficult to navigate in an unfamiliar city. And this is with dozens of streets.

3. Home Depot doesn’t allow dogs. Now that’s just crazy talk right there.

4. People in California don’t cook. I’m just guessing on this since every single restaurant is packed at any time of day, and the local stores are seriously lacking in kitchen wares. Given the heat I guess I can understand, but no cooking at all?

5. The farmer’s market is amazing. Totally beats the pants of of any Kitsap FM. We’re talking 1.25lb organic grapefruits for 50 cents. You an get avocado honey, which is amazing, or grapefruit honey, which really tastes like grapefruit. They have Chinese sweet potatoes, cherimoya, and jujube dates. You can get heirloom tomatoes for $3 a pound. Yes, I’m fawning. Something kind of cool: the honey guy was a corpsman in the Navy in 1956 and was stationed in Bremerton.

Wally, meet cherimoya fruit


Introducing avocado honey. Delicious!

6. Young girls walk around the mall in wedge heels and tiny dresses. I can see how this would seem totally normal to them, but damn. Talk about a reality check as I look down at my glow-in-the-dark legs and not so trim figure. It’s motivation!

7. There are radio stations in Spanish and the Target has Spanish aisle labels. This is not surprising, but it’s a little bit of culture shock to be in such a heavily Hispanic area. Both of my roommates are Mexican, which means they speak Spanish and watch Spanish TV. Makes it a little awkward sometimes! I’m hoping that it won’t be so awkward that I end up holing up in my room with Wally.

8. Our crappy neighbor in Bremerton actually came in handy: I don’t notice the barking dogs at night. For all my complaints I guess those PITA dogs actually did me some good. I live above a boarding kennel, which means barking dogs all day and night. I sleep like a baby. :)

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