Walk loudly and carry a long stick

11 Jun

First day of work: killed it. This morning I woke up a little early and got ready while Wally slept in. Apparently I was lucky to get a shower in since one of the water pipes had broken and shortly after my shower there was no more water. Then I took Wally for a walk and looked at the cattle ranch across the street, where they have a bunch of bulls.

Morning view


All morning we cleaned kennels and moved dogs, then at noon Val got home from the show. Turned out she had someone waiting for her to evaluate a litter of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. They were ADORABLE. I think I want one, they’re so laidback and sweet.

Oh Em GEE!! I love my job already :)


The show dogs are lovely, of course. The Borzois are so elegant and dreamy, like ballerinas on leashes. The whippets are super sweet and the other dogs are all very nice too. Oh, and there are two 12 week old GSP pups.

I did learn something that is not so cool about SoCal: rattlesnakes. Evidently we have them around here, in small numbers but in enough numbers to require caution. This means Wally gets to walk on a short leash and I get to stick to the ranch roads. Kind of a bummer, but the saltwater doggie pool just might make up for it. ;-)

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