What’s your sign?

13 Jun

I hadn’t planned on it, but today was Wally’s first time in the kennels. A cleaning service comes by the apt every two weeks and I wanted them to clean my room, which meant Wally had to be elsewhere. So he came downstairs with me and experienced a day in the life of a show dog.

Please madam, may I have some more Bella time?

What does that entail? A morning romp followed by some time spent chillin’, then a noon romp followed by a siesta. He misses the afternoon romp since I’d taken him back upstairs by that point, but he did really well! I’d expected him to be stressed out by the barking (which is endemic in any kennel situation) but he handled it like a pro. He only whined a few times when he saw me and only barked once. *applause*

The best parts of his morning were the romps in the dog runs. He got a run next to sexy Bella the GSP, who spent the whole time alternately running the fence with him and ignoring him. A girl can’t look too needy, you know? Wally was infatuated, which is totally understandable given the hotness of Ms Bella. And in lieu of traditional work breaks I instead took Wally on a couple walks. I think this could become our new arrangement: mornings in the kennel with me, afternoons in my room (which is cooler).

Bella, a multiple BIS winner and dynamite GSP

Less fun: a Papillon bit the sh!t out of my thumb this morning. Luckily it was more shocking than painful, but nonetheless it wasn’t fun. I’m grateful for two things, first being that it was a Pap and not a bigger dog, like a Rottie. Second is that all the dogs here have a current rabies shot. When you’re the dog owner it might not seem like a big deal, just some legality, but when you’re the one being bitten you suddenly appreciate a current vaccination record.

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