Taking it easy

19 Jun

After a seven day work week it’s been so nice to have two days off and sleep in! For me sleeping in means getting up between 7:30 and 8:30am, nothing too exciting really. :)

Yesterday I did some shopping, particularly looking for show clothes. After spending the weekend observing I felt ready to go out and find some goodies. And goodies I found too! At Costco I picked up two 3/4 sleeve button down shirts, which I can wear with skirts. Then I went to Nordstrom Rack and picked up two awesome dresses and a silk sleeveless top (I like to wear those under blazers). Here and the two dresses…

No pockets, but otherwise awesome


Then I ran around and bought dog food, lotion, whatever. I spent way too much time out and about! I felt bad for Wally, who has to stay at home when I run errands since it’s so much hotter here than in WA.  But today I decided to make sure that I spent some quality time with him.

Initially we were going to visit Lake Skinner, but then I found out that they charge fees for everything: entry fee, pet fee… I quickly became less interested in Lake Skinner and sought out a county park, finding Kabian Park. It was a little further out than I’d expected (I drove by a woman who had ridden her horse to the grocery store), but it was nice to get away from the kennel with Wally. The park part was really nice, with actual grass and trees. The other 638.75 acres was desert brush with bunny trails. The review that said this park was undeveloped wasn’t kidding! We went out in the brush anyways, keeping an eye out for rattlers and wandering around.

Going for a hike!

After 10min (or less!) Wally decided enough was enough of this stupidity, it was time to turn back. His little feet were burning and the sun was just too damn hot for him! The second we got back to shade he bee-lined for it and wouldn’t move.

It was a short hike

We finally made it back to the grassy area where Wally flung himself down frog-legged so as as to get the most cool grass on his belly as possible. I sat down with him and we just hung out for a while, enjoying the grass and the shade. It was nice!

Now that’s more like it!

On the way home I took the route Lauren had showed me, which goes past a dairy and some farmland. Menifee is actually really pretty when it’s irrigated.

This afternoon I dinked around on the computer, mostly because Wally wanted to nap but only if I was nearby. Plus the well was broken so I couldn’t wash my car as planned. I think they finally got the situation sorted out, thank god! It’s not like I have to be clean and good-smelling to go to work every day, but I do like taking a morning shower or washing my hands after I eat a grapefruit.


Sometime this afternoon I’m going to groom Wally in prep for the Ventura shows on July 7 & 8. The dude is getting hairy! Definitely time for some sprucing up. :)

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