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21 Jun

Did you know that a company has claimed to have developed a truly hypoallergenic cat? Basically they found cats that had a genetic mutation causing them not to produce glycoproteins. In essence, the cats don’t make the stuff that makes people allergic to cats. Then they bred those cats to create a line of cats without that particular gene. I found all of this fascinating since I’m technically allergic to cats (a diagnosis I refuse to embrace). But it turns out that hypoallergenic cats are not without their scandal!

English: A female domestic shorthair tortoises...

English: A female domestic shorthair tortoiseshell cat named Ira, eight years old. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, they’re pricey. A plain old domestic shorthair will run you about $7k, or you could shell out a cool $27k for the Bengal-like version. Be cautious though since some people claim to have gotten boring ol’ Savannah cats instead of the fancy pants one. This pricing would be quite a shock for people who got their cats from the farm with a “Free Kittens” sign.

Second, you might not ever get the kitten you paid a bazillion dollars for. Some folks have claimed to wait 2-3 years without receiving their kitten! Of course this can’t be proven but that’s a long time to wait for a $7,000 cat.

Third, the company was sued for stealing trade secrets and the business model from another company. They settled out of court apparently. This reminds me of similar events that happened at VICI Metronics, where former employees went out and started their own gas calibration standards business. Oh yes, it’s a thrilling business making perm tubes.

None of this is really relevant to anything whatsoever, I just found it interesting that a) there are cats that are genetically hypoallergenic and b) that there was such scandal surrounding the companies that created them. I’m easily amused I guess.

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