Sorry Conair, I’ve got a new favorite

22 Jun

Working for a pro handler means that I have access to all of their cool stuff, like mondo beyondo dryers that take Wally from wet to dry in an easy 7min! The Conair, while cozy warm, took something like 20-30min for an almost skin deep dry.

Where’s my wishlist, this needs to go on it…

Hello Hurry Canine Dryers! Two speeds means you can blast the water right off the dog, plus it gets warm so you’re blasting and drying at the same time. Wally was a little freaked out by it since 246 CFM is just a titch more air than the average hairdryer. I was in love, however, since it not only worked faster but it left the coat straight and hard just like it should be. These things aren’t cheap at $650 for the best models but if (when?) I become a handler this will definitely be part of my gear.

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