The dremel master

24 Jun

Today I dremeled (I can’t do math apparently) 66 toenails 130 toenails, which is good practice since I’ve never dremeled toenails before. I think I’ve already improved! And I managed to quick only one dog, my own. Sorry Wally! I got a little overzealous and he was the first with black toenails. I think one nail out of sixty-six one hundred and thirty is pretty good! Wally would disagree, of course. For those wondering it was 8 dogs and one had dewclaws. :)

I’m pretty tired, tomorrow will be 6 days in a row working and it’s been busy around here. I’ve still got to finish cleaning the truck and wash two more dogs! And my days don’t yet include any conditioning, which is also going to start soon. I was hoping for this week but looking at the schedule I don’t think it will happen. If I have time I’ll take some dogs out tomorrow for a good romp in the sun, they would love that! I can just imagine the Borzois going berserk when they see the bazillion rabbits that have taken up residence on the property.

Right now I want to rinse off the day and kick up my feet with my Kindle in hand. I’ll probably fall asleep before I finish the chapter!

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