Slap on the brain

11 Jul

Hold on a moment while I collect my thoughts into something that can become a blog post….

Mission failed. I guess I’ll just ramble.

Last weekend at Ventura was Wally’s and my first time in the show ring since March, and it wasn’t pretty. Sat was especially terrible since I (once again) over thought everything.“Do they handle BT’s differently in CA? Should I kneel?” And then of course I had forgotten my string cheese so had to use liver, which apparently isn’t Wally’s cup o’ tea. Long story short, we looked like noobs out there. Sunday was a lot better since I just went in and did my thang. Stupid brain, just shut up when it comes to showing.

And on top of all my dumbassness, Wally is skinny as a rail so I was embarrassed to take him in the ring in the first place. I’m talking washboard ribs and pokey hip bones. No, I don’t starve my dog. I happen to own the only BT on the entire planet that isn’t obsessed with food. No joke, he’s the only Border anyone has ever heard of that wouldn’t inhale food. So I’m trying some things to get some weight on him, but the real problem is that he can’t adjust to our new lifestyle. The stress of being away from me so much is not something he’s handling well.

I even tried satin balls, the supposedly no fail method to put weight on a dog. It failed.

Good news: Gizmo, a Harley grandson, got a Group 4 on Sat.

Gizmo after his big win. The guy wouldn’t stand still long enough for a decent shot!

Better news: Jazzie (Wally’s littermate) got a Group 1 at the Bandon, OR show last weekend! Good thing somebody is out there making the family look good, cause right now it sure isn’t Wally. You can find Jazzie mentioned on Dog Show Poop, check it out!

Next week we’re going to Houston to show the two specials, Bella (#1 GSP) and Joker (RR). Wally isn’t entered but he’ll be tagging along. I’m gonna work on his coat and hopefully spend a lot of time with him since there are only the two specials. The cool thing is that a couple people from my old job (a different branch) will be there so I can meet up with them!

And finally, the thing that makes me take a huge sigh of relief: I have the weekend off this week. Val, Lauren, Betty, and Antonio will be going to Carmel while I recharge. One of the reasons I haven’t been posting much on LBD is that I’ve been so pooped! Weekdays aren’t so bad, but show days are 12+ hours with very little sleep. Add only 1 day off per week for the last two weeks and you have a recipe for brain meltdown. I’m seriously looking forward to my days off this weekend! I may even go to Sea World or Laguna Beach.

Until then, Wally will be taking dust baths. Because really, what else would you do with a bunch of dry, dusty dirt?

Ummm…do you mind??

Post dust bath, on the way to the park so we can hang out in the shade. It was 104F that day!

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  1. ec

    July 15, 2012 at 7:21 am

    Happy weekend!

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