Houston Cluster 2012 in Pictures

29 Jul

Granted not a lot of pix of the actual show (ya seen one, ya seen ’em all), but here we go!

Not the most scenic start to our trip. I had been warned that the scenery was simply STUNNING (do you detect sarcasm? You should)

But then it actually WAS scenic.

In TX for the first time ever!

Wally disapproved of San Antonio’s “more efficient” freeway system

Making friends, we watched Bella win BISS (this isn’t Bella)

This is Bella! Finally worn out after playing with Wally for so long that even he was tired of her. A first!

Oakley, #1 dog all systems, with handler Phil Booth; lots of top dogs in attendance!

Although WA isn’t nearly as humid as TX, Wally handled it better than Bella and Joker

On the road home, it was an exhausting trip for Wally. Being Super Awesome takes a lot out of him

A soft cooler is an awful lot like a hammock

Goodbye Texas, you sure take forever to drive through!

From a distance these things look uniquely beautiful, but up close you see their evil thorns of death


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