Learning the ropes

17 Aug

Today I went to Enumclaw with my friend Raven and showed her GSP, Seven. Was I totally rocking the teal CK dress with the wire rim Raybans? Hell yes, I was. Did I blow the competition out of the water with my slick skills? Not quite.

This is Raven with Seven, although this pic doesn’t demonstrate the head-n-tail stacking

When I was working for Val I often heard how difficult it is to show a GSP really well, which made the fact that Val can do it all the more impressive. And I believe it. They are a head-n-tail breed, meaning the handler has to hold both ends of the dog. This is a method I am totally unaccustomed to, coming from Border Terriers. Wally gets hand stacked (which a GSP does too) but then he holds up his own tail and head. I just bait him and occasionally remind him to keep the tail up.

Wally and I (center), pwning

Perhaps I’m just over thinking things, too. I’m not used to showing big dogs, which is surprisingly different from showing small dogs. I’m used to kneeling, not half-squatting or standing. And I’m used to using bait, which is often way too exciting for a GSP! So I’m learning, and I love that. I’m challenging myself and I’m lucky enough to have a friend who will allow her dog to be my guinea pig. In the end, I guess I win!

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