Weekend Wrap-Up

28 Aug

Wally and I went to the Redmond, WA show over the weekend where there was a Terrier specialty on Fri/Sat and an AB/O show on Sun (we just went Sat/Sun). While we didn’t win anything either day it was still a really good weekend!

On Sat we had the best ring performance of our lives. Wally was on point and a total stud, keeping focus and doing everything right. We gaited much better, thanks to some advice from Carmen Ruby, and he did great on the table. I was hopeful since the judge was Linda Wells, who has put Wally up before. I think she would have at least given us Select except for the unfortunate mix-up where she thought Wally was a bitch and tried to give him BOS. Oops! This wasn’t all bad though since after realizing her mistake she commented on what a nice dog he is.

Almost perfect! Just gotta lower my hand to keep his head level

Sunday was less stellar. Wally hadn’t gotten enough sleep on Sat evening and was pretty pooped, so he kept losing focus in the ring. Then the judge snapped at me for giving him bait on the table (which, I admit, we need to grow out of). This judge was clearly eying Gizmo for the win and had no interest in Wally, not even for Select. Again, we got nothing. However it was still a great day! Danielle Green, Gizmo’s handler and the handler who campaigned Harley, gave me a grooming lesson after our class. She went over everything from nose to tip of tail, ears to toes — plus some handling tips to emphasize and play down certain features. I now have a Word doc filled with her advice and Wally has a much more otter-like head. I’m so grateful to Danielle for all the support!

The general consensus was that Wally needs more weight and more maturity, at which point he’ll be enormously competitive. I completely agree, but it sure is hard to exercise self-control and not enter all the cool shows! Guess I better start planning and saving… :)

My otter head, passed out after a big weekend

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