Gonna be slow around here

01 Dec

Monday was my first day at my new job and holy moly has it been a whirlwind. I got a position at the IRS in Seattle, which means I have the pleasure of commuting via ferry. I currently leave the house at 7am and get back at 8pm, and it’s going to be this way until at least mid-January. At that point our training ends and we’re allowed to request different shifts/schedules. Needless to say I won’t be posting a whole lot on here because of this schedule (not like Wally is doing much anyway, we’re living for weekends now)!

View from the orientation room (you can just see the Space Needle on the right)

How does Wally feel about all this? He’s an emotional creature. Ever since I got him he’s been a total mama’s boy and gets all heartbroken when I leave for even 5min. We’ve had a separation anxiety issue for a loooong time, but he’s been in this situation before (where I work full-time) so it’s nothing new. It’s just a big transition from me being home all day, every day to me being gone for 13 hours a day. We have a new routine of morning walk and play time before I leave, some time with my mom before she leaves, then hanging out downstairs with a radio, a Buster Cube, squirrels to watch, couches to sleep on, and a chewie for those moments of frustration. Mom gets home hours before I do so he gets another walk with her and hang out time. By the time I get home it’s cuddles, dinner, play, then bed! :)

“Hear that song on the radio? It’s about me… ‘I’m an emotional creature…'”

On Wed I just happened to have the day off since they had to stagger the training classes. Wally was initially ecstatic but that quickly gave way to taking naps. The reality is that even if I’m home he mostly naps during the day anyway so the issue isn’t exercise, it’s just emotionally tough to be away from each other (I miss him too and hate not having more time with him). So while it’s awesome to have a job (especially one with such great benefits) it’s going to be a challenge for both of us. I’m doing what I can to maximize the time I do have with him and have some ideas on how to make his life a little more fun. My life, on the other hand, is doomed to the life of a commuter for the time being. :)

You can’t leave without me finding out


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2 responses to “Gonna be slow around here

  1. Emma

    December 3, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Wow Cassie, congratulations on the new job!! That is fantastic!!!! And I know, commuting can be awful… But at least the scenery in this part of the world is gorgeous. I’m thinking of you during this adjustment period… You must be so tired!

    We are so lucky to have raised dogs that like to sleep in. Forget everything else… That sound be the top training priority! ;)

    Your photos in this post are to-die-for-cute. Oh Wally, how you melt my heart!! He looks like a spritely little wolf. You’ve done such a nice job with his grooming.

    Hugs from Emma, chin kisses from Miles.

    • Cassafrass

      December 4, 2012 at 11:02 am

      Thank you, thank you! Gotta keep Wally looking studly ;)

      Yes, I’m often tired by the end of the day, probably more mentally than physically. It’s tough to have so little free time! At some point it will just be the routine and I won’t even think about it anymore. Wally is actually handling it really well; that makes me happy (and relieved).

      Wally and I send love your way!

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