05 Dec

Ever notice how you seldom say what’s really in your head? You’re at work and the computer does something funky. Out loud to the IT tech you say, “It did XYZ and I thought ‘Strange’“. You actually  thought “weiiiiiiiiiiird”. Followed by “stupid POS….mother…”

That’s what I love about dogs. You can say anything you want and be entirely you, uncensored. They won’t get offended or upset or annoyed. With their body language they’ll respond, “please, tell me more!” and actually mean it. Plus if your dog is around you can say you were talking to him and not yourself. ;)

I left the house 10min late but, by speeding excessively and running approximately one quarter of a mile, I still managed to catch my ferry. Win!


I had to run cause I was running late, but I caught my ferry!



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