Furpants fashion statement

18 Feb

Stripping a Border Terrier is no small task, especially because most of them hate it and thus turn into Napoleonic a-holes who protest every single hair removed. While it’s by no means a relaxing day at the spa to have your old, dead hairs pulled out with a stripping knife, I’m pretty sure that dogs bred to have mean and nasty wild creatures bite them as they wrestle in underground tunnels can handle it. But what do I know.

I’ve been rather lazy over the last few weeks months I’d rather not say, so Wally went from needing a good roll to needing his entire coat stripped to the baby-soft brown beneath. Isn’t it interesting how his base coat is brown but his topcoat is mostly black? I’m so glad he’s retained his dark coloring. Anyway, I’ve found that the best way to retain my sanity is to groom him in stages. After 30-45min I get irritated with his whining and jumping around; it’s such a pain to groom a dog who won’t cooperate. It’s especially bad when we get to the back end, which is his least favorite part. Ugh, just writing about it makes me dread what still lies ahead. As you can tell from the pix below we’re saving the best for last.

Wally partially groomed

Wally partially groomed

Wally furpants



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2 responses to “Furpants fashion statement

  1. Cassafrass

    March 2, 2013 at 7:50 am

    LOL, Terrier nerds unite!

    I wish I could get him to relax and lay down but that will never, ever happen unfortunately. For pretty much everything he’s standing on all fours, but when I do his chest and belly I’ll stand him up on his back legs while I hold his front legs. Luckily I have one of the taller grooming tables so I usually don’t have a problem, and I have a wheeled chair that I can sit in when working on legs or if I need to work underneath him. I get the feeling a hydraulic table would be wasted on Wally! I spend more time holding him still than I do grooming. :p

  2. Emma

    February 23, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    I love looking at terrier coats, in all of the various stages… Oh to be an extreme terrier nerd.

    Wallys coloration is beautiful.

    How do you position Wally when you strip him? Miles goes into cardiac arrest if I take out a brush, but he seems to really enjoy stripping (with the obviously understandable exceptions of his bum area and inner ears). I tend to allow him to lie down on the grooming table for the bulk of the work (sides of neck and sides of jacket, sides of thighs). I do that first, and by the time I am done all of the tough work, I move on to do the most delicate areas last. Even on a dog whose coat is rolled weekly, it is a huge workout for me. It looks like I am doing some freaky kind of yoga around that table… Don’t you long for the day when we will have those nice hydraulic tables??

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