How to make your own dog car hammock (from DIY)

06 Mar

Several people have mentioned these doggie car hammocks and seem to like them. I, of course, am too dubious to pony up the bazillion dollars that companies charge for such things so I’ve never pursued getting one. But then Lifehacker posted a link to an article about how to make your own, and although I have zero sewing skills I decided this was worth hanging on to and definitely worth sharing. It seems simple enough so maybe I could actually make it with a little guidance from my friend Raven the sewing maven. (haha, my own humor makes me laugh)

These hammocks are vaunted as a safety mechanism for your dog, but don’t expect them to be as lifesaving as a crate or dog safety belt in the event of an accident. The main things they do are keep your dog from flying into the footwells when you put on the brakes, prevent him from sneaking up front, and help keep the seats clean. And if you frequently have passengers in the back this would probably be more hassle than it’s worth, but for those of us who only tote around our dogs it’s a fun idea to try out! Anywho, here you go!

How to Make a DIY Dog Car Hammock


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