Exploring the Puget Sound

08 May

We live across the Puget Sound from Seattle so we’re boat people, as Seattlites like to call us. Granted, we’re not nearly as impressed with Seattle as they are, so touché. ;) Normally Wally and I stay in the car since it’s only a half hour ride and there’s really not much a dog can do on the ferry. Plus (in theory anyway) dogs aren’t allowed in the cabin, only on the car deck or sun deck, which means that during the winter (aka October through June) it’s kind of crappy and cold. We lucked out with a fairly decent day, so Wally finally got to explore the boat! Lucky for us these photos are from a while back (erm, yeah, the whole no life due to ridiculous commute prevented timely posting), and these days the weather is spectacular! Perfect for ferry trips :)

Greeting the sunrise

Greeting the sunrise

Taking the ferry to Seattle

Exploring the ferry [seriously Wally, don’t fall in]



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