The Great Outdoors

16 May

Although things have been quiet around LBD, we have in fact been doing cool stuff! With the Washington weather taking a turn for the better we’ve been having more outdoor adventures, like hiking up Green Mountain. As mountains go, Green Mt is not a big one. In fact in WA it’s just a big hill to most of us, but apparently it qualifies as a mountain. I remember driving through southern Cali and actually asking my friends, “so do you guys consider these mountains?” Because in WA we have MOUNTAINS.

In any case, Wally and I went with our friend Tony for a hike up the local big hill and got to see come spectacular views. We also got a little freaked out by a weird noise that could have been an owl or maybe a moose or even a cougar. Ya just never know with those weird noises! As Tony and I discussed the possibilities while hurriedly walking away from that area I informed him that in the event of a weird animal attack I would be saving Wally’s life, just FYI. I don’t think he was surprised.

View from the top, you can just see Seattle behind that ridge on the right

3 hours of hiking is super exhausting

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