Form = Function

28 May

The quote below is something that I try to remind myself of frequently when I critique dogs. Am I criticizing a trait because it’s not what I like to see or is it truly incorrect (and thus non-functional)? Everyone has their favorites traits, be it head, coat, gait, topline, teeth, angulation, whatever. Focusing on your one priority trait with no regard to the overall function of the dog as it applies to the breed’s original purpose is detrimental to the breed. Example: Bulldogs of today could never bull-bait because they would die almost immediately from lack of oxygen. They can’t breath because of the extreme jaw structure and nasal malformation. Some Border Terriers are grossly oversized, meaning they could never fit into a 9″ hole in the ground. As a future dog breeder I plan to keep the “function over form” mantra at the forefront of all of my decisions. A beautiful dog must be functional, otherwise what’s the point?

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