Oh, and about that puppy…

20 Aug

As you may recall, I was expecting to get a puppy this summer. Alas, it was not meant to be and I did not end up getting a puppy; someone else got the only female in the litter. This was initially a huge disappointment and kind of (really) heartbreaking — it left me feeling stranded in terms of my future plans. How to move forward with my breeding program when I don’t have a female? In the end, though, it ended up being for the better. I’m working with Marion to find a different and possibly even better solution. I can also honestly say that, although I love puppies, I do not miss all the work that a puppy brings. Never underestimate the ease of living with an adult dog!


Puppy Wally did not enjoy laying around to read a good book

Wally, now about 2.5 years old, is finally settling into adulthood and it’s wonderful. He’s reliable around the house, doesn’t chew on things, and is capable of entertaining himself (at least some of the time). He has basic obedience skills and I know him inside and out — no wondering how he will react in a situation. Would all this stop me from getting another puppy? Nope. But I will absolutely enjoy it while I can!

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