Let’s blow off the dust and get a post up in here!

21 Jan

It’s tough to blog when you spend your whole work day staring at a computer, not to mention that real life takes up time. This is why I haven’t posted since Halloween – yikes.

The one exciting thing that happened is that Wally got his OFA and CERF results – hips excellent, patella’s normal, heart normal, eyes normal. Yay! I knew he would rock the tests, but it’s still a relief to have it done. Do you know what that means? Wally can now be bred and stand at stud! I know he will love that, he’s a little horndog. I have absolutely no concerns about his libido or desire to mate.

Oh myyyyy

Oh myyyyy

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One response to “Let’s blow off the dust and get a post up in here!

  1. milesandemma

    January 25, 2014 at 12:52 am

    As a person who works all day from her computer, I could not agree more on that first note. I can’t even do FB in my personal time because the thought gives me panic attacks! Dog blog, thats a bit less stressful than FB for me.

    As a person who has a neutered boy dog who is lusty lusty lusty… Well, heck, go Wally! Live out the fantasies of the neutered (but still alive) males out there! Woo!

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