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04 Feb

Here’s a fun bio on WOOFipedia about the Border Terrier, which is actually really accurate! As someone who has read hundreds (if not thousands) of different versions of almost all dog breed profiles, I’ve frequently wondered how accurate they are. “Hmmm, did the author actually own this breed? Did they talk to people who do? What’s it REALLY like to have an [insert breed here]?” What I really like is how the history of the breed is related to their structure and temperament. Well done!

Gratuitous photo of Fiona and Wally

Gratuitous photo of Fiona and Wally

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One response to “Pretty accurate

  1. Emma

    February 4, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    “plucky” (Border, Norwich), “busy” (Cairn), “independant-minded” (Cairn), “Tireless” (Norwich), “bold” (Parson Russell), “fearlessly game” (Rat), “busy” (rat), “very active” (West Highland White)

    Love the descriptive language they use on the terrier profiles — very accurate indeed! Looking forward to seeing if they add more breeds!

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