Kids & Dogs: Bite Prevention

11 Feb

Lately it seems like bite prevention is making the internet rounds. This is hugely relevant to all dog owners, whether or not they have kids. Obviously parents want to make sure their kids and dogs interact safely, but dog owners have a responsibility to their dogs and their community to ensure the same thing. Here are some really excellent resources that I’ve come across!

Why Supervising Kids & Dogs Doesn’t Work: even when parents supervise the play between kids and dogs, kids sometimes get hurt. Why is that? Because parents don’t know what to look for! An excellent guide on what to look for while supervising play, a must read!

Doggone Safe: tons of education and other resources for bite prevention, as well as bite victim support

Family Paws Parent Education: another excellent resource for expecting parents, or those who have young children and want to ensure a safe and fun interaction between kids and dogs

The Social K9 Dog Bite Prevention: captioned photos of dogs that identifies canine body language markers and “decodes” the signals that the photographed dog is putting out; great way to learn what various signals mean!

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