Does my dog want to be hugged? Probably not

18 Feb

I recently posted about bite prevention, and then found the video below. Usually we can read body language and pick up our dogs’ signals, but how many of us are able to pick out each little signal? To be a good dog owner we have to be aware of our dog and the environment he’s in, which means practicing attention to these tiny little changes in behavior. Plus this is a great example of the behaviors to teach kids and adults to look for when they are greeting dogs. :)


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One response to “Does my dog want to be hugged? Probably not

  1. Emma

    September 3, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    LOL they should do this for humans too… “How to read body language to tell if someone DOES NOT want a hug!” Too bad I can’t bite when someone gets too close in a rude manner… Hehe.

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