The Wally Blanket

21 Oct

A couple weeks ago I picked up another blanket for the dogs, and was reminded once again that blankets are the better deal. I like to buy things like this (both beds and blankets) at Costco because they’re always a good deal and typically well made.


My Costco has a few styles of beds, but the big round one is the cheapest at about $30. I actually have one of them already and the dogs do like it, but since I’m currently using a twin mattress as a dog bed in the downstairs I was thinking cheaper. Why spend money you don’t need to, right? Instead we got this queen size fuzzy blanket for about $15, and it’s been a huge success. Wally loves to dig around in it until it’s just right. It’s super easy to relocate (for him, or for me!) and really easy to wash. Wally obviously approves! Fiona is a bit more of an ascetic and prefers the bare carpet most of the time, but even she likes to snuggle up with it now and then.

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