Sunday funday

20 Sep

Josh and I took the dogs over to the Gig Harbor Kennel Club show to make an appearance and watch a few breed rings. I had just stripped the dogs so neither was entered, but it had been over a year since I went to a show! We caught the BT ring then wandered over to watch Dobermans and Irish Wolfhounds. I have to say that I do like the Kitsap Fairgrounds venue much better than the Mason Fairgrounds, plus it’s a mere 10min away for me. :)

Sadly there was only one IW entered but he was a beautiful dog with a very sweet temperament. Both dogs met him, Wally going bonkers wanting to play and Fiona basically saying “Hi” but being more interested in food. Typical. We’re looking into adding an IW to the family next year so are trying to get to know some local breeders. I have to say it was nice to see my dogs adjust to such an enormous dog so quickly; my Cane Corso was terrified of the English Mastiff she met! We also go to meet some lovely folks who may be interested in a BT puppy from our first litter, planned for next year. It was an exciting day!

Wally & Fiona

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