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We’re cooking now


Chicken and beef with mixed veggies on the left, lamb and beef with mixed veggies on the right


Don’t let her fool you, she loves the food, too

Last year, seemingly out of the blue, Wally developed seborrhea. He never had the really nasty looking stuff but he did have the build-up of flakey material, cysts, and an oily coat. The thing is, though, that seborrhea is typically a secondary illness that develops due to some underlying primary illness, which can include food allergies. We had Wally tested for food allergies via Nutriscan and found out that he should be avoiding many common foods: turkey, pork, white fish, rice, wheat, corn, venison, rabbit, quinoa, potatoes, and barley. Although he was eating grain-free commercial foods many of them still contained one or more of these ingredients.


From my own experience I know that most medical professionals seriously downplay the impacts of food allergies and instead recommend environmental or pharmaceutical management. The specialist I saw prescribed me steroid inhalers and told me to get rid of my cat. Instead I stopped eating the foods I’m allergic to and I’ve been able to control my asthma, drug-free and with a cat, for five years! After trying the more conventional medical approach for Wally (medicated shampoo), mostly avoiding allergens, and occasionally cooking his food, he was improved but still not great. He no longer needed multiple baths a week but he still had numerous sebaceous cysts and chewed on his feet incessantly. It was time for a different approach!


Just ’cause she’s cute

At the recommendation of our vet we went to Dr. Watson at Big Valley Vet, an integrative vet who combines conventional medicine with alternative medicine. She recommended feeding 50% commercial grain-free food and 50% home cooked grain-free food (100% would be ideal but this was a good start). Wally also started TCM anti-inflammatory pills and continued getting salmon oil, probiotics, and a joint supplement. He received laser therapy for his spine, too, which may have helped clear up the skin on his back. Now it’s a month later and his coat is gorgeous, he’s far less itchy, he seldom chews his feet, he no longer has cysts, and we’ve only had to give him one or two medicated baths. Success!


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Happy birthday, Wally!

Wally turned 7 years old on Friday! I can’t believe he’s seven already, it seems like he was a rowdy one year old not that long ago. This little man is a source of so much joy in my life, I love him so much. I treasure up every moment I get with him.

I took the day off from work so I could spend alllll day with him (what he loves best!). First thing was a bath, which doesn’t seem that great but he feels so good afterward and races around the house rubbing on everything. Then I let him ride loose in the car while I ran errands (our guilty pleasure) and took him for a hike, just the two of us. I bought some cupcakes at the local artisanal bakery and let him (and Ava) have half of one after his dinner of salmon and roasted broccoli. Sure, the sugar is just as bad for them as it is for us, but it was his birthday! Both he and Ava insisted that they should have another. ;-) His only physical present was a new bush to pee on but since he loves to open presents I made up a bunch of gift bags for him. He loved it! Overall, it was a wonderful birthday. It gave me so much pleasure to make his day.






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Happy birthday Wally!

Wally turned 6 years old today! Sadly I’m too tired to really go into how much I love this boy, but he’s my heart. Here he is in awe of his gifts, which he loved opening. Then he ate ice cream and played with the dozen Air Kong balls I got him while we humans ate cake.

For dinner the dogs had chicken and rice with cheddar garnish. Ava couldn’t believe her luck, she’s never had such a luxurious meal. Wally inhaled it (sometimes literally).

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Wally update

After 3 days of anti-inflammatories and painkillers, Wally is good as new. It’s such a relief to have him back to his obnoxiously active, tail-wagging, happy self! You have no idea how weird it is to see your dog go from tail up and wagging nearly 100% of the time to a motionless tail. It just reinforced that body language truly is a huge part of how we communicate with our dogs.

But we’re back baby!

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Poor boy

Today Wally had the dubious honor of spending the day at the vet — last night he somehow sprained his tail. I have no idea how he did it (probably just being his crazy self and whacking it on something), but the change in his demeanor was so dramatic that it scared me! Usually he’s bouncy, happy, and “up”. After it happened he was tense, restless, and moved stiffly though without lameness. He wouldn’t move his tail, his ears were tucked back, and his back was slightly hunched.

Now, to some people this might have seemed like no big deal. He let me palpate his tail and entire body without complaint, so it must not be that bad, right? This is where knowing your dog makes all the difference! I know Wally, so I immediately knew that something was terribly wrong. It became clear that although he was still jumping on furniture and eating ravenously, he was in a great deal of pain. I talked to one of my dog friends about it (his auntie) and she told me a story about her Flat-Coat pulling a muscle in his back and the only symptom was stress panting.

Fortunately it’s just a sprain, which is exactly what I was hoping for (it sure beats a broken tail). We got our painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds, then headed home to take a nap.

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Happy birthday Wally!

Yesterday was Wally’s 4th birthday, can you believe it?! My baby is officially an adult, at least according to my arbitrary standards. :) Since I’m out of state at the moment I didn’t get to celebrate with him but we’ll make up for it this weekend when I’m home visiting for a couple weeks.

The Wally Ball himself! I pestered my mom into sending me a couple birthday pix :)

The Wally Ball himself! I pestered my mom into sending me a couple birthday pix :)

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Wally, du bist der beste

I called Wally to breakfast but he refused to come, so finally I went to investigate. He was snuggled happily with my 99 year old Oma, and had no intention of moving. I love this guy.


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