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Anything could happen

After waking up to a beautiful morning and accidentally killing the blender, Wally and I started yesterday with the Whaling Days 1 mile walk/run (Isaac watched from the sidelines). Even though a pack of grade-schoolers beat us to the finish line by 13 minutes it was fun to chat with Alma and my mom as we casually made our way to a 20min mile. We all agreed that next year we’d do the 4-mile, which incidentally is longer than a 5K (3.1mi). I see running training in the future!

Best way to cool off on a hot day? Lay on ice cubes!

Wally did really well, only being moderately obnoxious to Tombo, Alma’s Papillon. I had him on an Easy Walk harness, which we decided to use instead of a head halter (no chance of ruining Wally’s precious facial hair, plus halters aren’t allowed on show grounds). It’s probably not as effective as a halter, but it gets the job done OK. Better than nothing!

Can't visit Sequim without checking out the lavender

Since Mom had to take Oma to the hospital for a blood draw I took Wally for another walk on Clear Creek Trail, so we got another mile in. This was all for the better ’cause I wanted Wally to be low key at the Hurricane Ridge show in Sequim. And he was!  Very well-behaved with only a tiny bit of whining, barking, and pulling. He wanted to play with just about every dog he saw but was a lot more controlled about it. I think with frequent visits to places like Petsmart, along with handling classes, Wally will be good to go by show time.

Kick it back at the end of the day with a ginger beer

At shows they always have boxes of Dog News and ShowSight laying around, free to take. As far as I can tell the only purpose of these rags is to provide campaigning dogs with media coverage (which is sent for free to all AKC judges) and to keep track of breed and all-breed standings. Every dog in the magazine is in the Top 10, BIS winners, or group winners. This got me daydreaming about Wally’s show career and what might happen. What if he was a BIS winner? A BISS winner? A multiple BIS show winner? Or #1 Border in the country? All of these things are unlikely given that we’re not independently wealthy and that Wally is a Border. Borders aren’t known for winning BIS or Group. But hey, it could happen! And then we would take out a sweet ad in Dog News and ShowSight.

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