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Oh, and about that puppy…

As you may recall, I was expecting to get a puppy this summer. Alas, it was not meant to be and I did not end up getting a puppy; someone else got the only female in the litter. This was initially a huge disappointment and kind of (really) heartbreaking — it left me feeling stranded in terms of my future plans. How to move forward with my breeding program when I don’t have a female? In the end, though, it ended up being for the better. I’m working with Marion to find a different and possibly even better solution. I can also honestly say that, although I love puppies, I do not miss all the work that a puppy brings. Never underestimate the ease of living with an adult dog!


Puppy Wally did not enjoy laying around to read a good book

Wally, now about 2.5 years old, is finally settling into adulthood and it’s wonderful. He’s reliable around the house, doesn’t chew on things, and is capable of entertaining himself (at least some of the time). He has basic obedience skills and I know him inside and out — no wondering how he will react in a situation. Would all this stop me from getting another puppy? Nope. But I will absolutely enjoy it while I can!

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What we were doing while were were MIA

Despite the total lack of activity on LBD for the past couple months, things have in fact been happening!


We hung out with friends Coal (left) and River (right)


Made new friends in Port Townsend


Practiced our modeling skills


Did some sun bathing


Rolled in stinky things


Played at the beach


Went for walks and laid in the bushes when it got too hot


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I’m always fascinated by those considered to be an icon in the sport of purebred dogs, mainly because I want to be that kind of icon. Not that I want to win a lot or win big — that doesn’t matter. What matters is leaving the breed better than it was when you came into it and having a positive influence on other fanciers.

As I read through the profiles of dog sport icons over on Dog Channel I found myself truly admiring:

  • Rebecca Mason of Bel Tor Poodles: focused on structure rather than color, driven to have entire litters of quality rather than a few good pups, enjoyed the dogs instead of campaigning them, chose to restart her whole breeding program from scratch once OFA testing became available, longstanding influence on the parent club, commitment to keeping the standard reflective of what is correct rather than what is fashionable (e.g. corded vs brushed coat)
  • The Sinkinsons of The Rectory Bloodhounds: their enthusiasm, involvement in everything from tracking to showing to club positions, push to research health issues, commitment to their puppies
  • Wayne Jensen of Jen Araby Salukis: valued a moderate yet correct dog rather than breeding for flash, didn’t succumb to trends, mentored many people, resolutely refused to lower his standards
  • Samuel Evans Ewing III of Eagle Farms Irish Wolfhounds: approached breeding with a strategy and didn’t rush into anything, shared his knowledge with new fanciers and organized events to draw in/educate new fanciers

I particularly liked this quote from Roger Caras, in reference to his experience of getting a puppy from the Sinkinsons:

“All good Bloodhound breeders are pests. They will sell you a dog for a fortune and then haunt you for the rest of your life to be sure you are taking proper care of their baby. You adopt their dog and they adopt you. The contract may not read that way but that is what happens.”

I also liked this one, from Aennchen Antonelli of Aennchen Maltese:

“Experience tells us that a knowledgeable breeder can stamp the characteristics of what he desires in a dog fairly accurately in three generations, certainly in five. Using an extreme measure of time that could be five years, and, if everything doesn’t go well, make that 10 years. What it takes is called commitment.”


Wally wants to be influential too — he’s practicing his regal face for future portraits


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Form = Function

The quote below is something that I try to remind myself of frequently when I critique dogs. Am I criticizing a trait because it’s not what I like to see or is it truly incorrect (and thus non-functional)? Everyone has their favorites traits, be it head, coat, gait, topline, teeth, angulation, whatever. Focusing on your one priority trait with no regard to the overall function of the dog as it applies to the breed’s original purpose is detrimental to the breed. Example: Bulldogs of today could never bull-bait because they would die almost immediately from lack of oxygen. They can’t breath because of the extreme jaw structure and nasal malformation. Some Border Terriers are grossly oversized, meaning they could never fit into a 9″ hole in the ground. As a future dog breeder I plan to keep the “function over form” mantra at the forefront of all of my decisions. A beautiful dog must be functional, otherwise what’s the point?

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Puppies! xD

Once you find “your” breed you have a hard time sticking to just one dog. The first one was so fabulous that you can’t imagine the second one being anything other than equally fabulous! And if you have any ambitions to breed you’ll definitely end up with at least a male and a female.

Both of these things apply to me, plus I want Wally to have a buddy. So I decided to wait until he was at least two and then get a female from Marion. And guess what? Tweed is in heat! Which means I’ll be bringing home a puppy in about 5 months! Yaaaay!

I’m super excited about this litter because it’s a repeat of the last one (Otr x Tweed), which turned out stunning. The puppies were exactly what I wanted to complement Wally: racy, elegant, leggy. Basically they look just like Otr. Wally is correct but in the other end of the spectrum: sturdy, balanced, muscular. I’m super exited to see what turns up in the litter! Hopefully there are plenty of girls. :)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

How did Marion know Tweed was coming into heat? Because Toby, who is not quite 1 year old and is Wally’s half brother, went bonkers around her. Exactly how Wally did last year when Tweed came in. I think raging libidos is a family trait in this line!



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DIY dog crate that actually looks nice!

Apparently I’m all about DIY lately, but this was a pretty good idea. Take an Ikea storage table and turn it into a nice looking dog crate? Why yes, I just might do that. Probably not a great idea for puppies since it’s made out of wood, but if you have an older dog who doesn’t chew this would be a pretty cool idea.

A tasteful dog crate you don’t have to hide

Image from Life Hacker



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How to make your own dog car hammock (from DIY)

Several people have mentioned these doggie car hammocks and seem to like them. I, of course, am too dubious to pony up the bazillion dollars that companies charge for such things so I’ve never pursued getting one. But then Lifehacker posted a link to an article about how to make your own, and although I have zero sewing skills I decided this was worth hanging on to and definitely worth sharing. It seems simple enough so maybe I could actually make it with a little guidance from my friend Raven the sewing maven. (haha, my own humor makes me laugh)

These hammocks are vaunted as a safety mechanism for your dog, but don’t expect them to be as lifesaving as a crate or dog safety belt in the event of an accident. The main things they do are keep your dog from flying into the footwells when you put on the brakes, prevent him from sneaking up front, and help keep the seats clean. And if you frequently have passengers in the back this would probably be more hassle than it’s worth, but for those of us who only tote around our dogs it’s a fun idea to try out! Anywho, here you go!

How to Make a DIY Dog Car Hammock


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