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Tour de Y

Sandi and I toured the Y this afternoon, these were my thoughts.

Smaller than expected, I must have been spoiled at WSU.

Already saw someone I don’t want to, oh well. At some point I’ll see more people I like!

Tons of people but not that crowded. Be careful when large classes end, it’s a stampede.

Don’t go in the poop pool, stick to the lazy river and lap pool.

Rock wall has classes, that’s cool.

Indoor track isn’t what I expected, but again WSU spoiled me.

Most hilarious Asian guy teaches kickboxing, I want to take his class.

By a large margin I would not be the worst looking person in the pool.

My conclusion? I’m gonna do it. It would definitely be more fun if Sandi joined too, I hope she does. I might wait until after Canada just to make sure I have no excuses, but I’ll be in there signing up soon.

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