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Just another Sunday

Lazy Sunday mornings, it's a dog's life for sure


Think about breakfast


Take a drive downtown


Check out the sights


Take some artsy photos


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Ring around the rosie

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Visual proof that we rock!

We win at life!

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Like a velvet Elvis


Taken with Paper Camera for Android

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What’s that Wally? You’d like a beer?

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One of the best things about having a dog is that it opens up a whole ‘nother realm of activities, at least for me. Perhaps I’m a weirdo, but I just don’t see the point of going for a walk without a dog. Or going hiking. Sure, I live in beautiful Washington with mountains and stuff but have I gone for a hike in the 5 years between Stella and Wally? Other than a leisurely stroll on a trail at Lake Cushman, no.

With this (possibly flawed) logic I was thus delighted to get Wally and once again enjoy the outdoors. Puppies can trick you, though, with their seemingly boundless energy and rough’n’tumble attitude.They runrunrun all over the place only to collapse in a pile of cuteness and twitch their toes as they nap for a couple hours.

I would love to take Wally running with me (heck, maybe I’d do more running) but with his soft little bones and developing ligaments I have to wait until he’s a year old. Which is a bummer since my chiropractor turned me on to the Whale of a Run coming up on July 30 and I plan to enter as a personal challenge (I’m not really a runner you see, just on and off). Maybe next year Wally can be my personal trainer.

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Rose City Vacation (Part 2)

Sunday morning I woke up with a Wally tucked under my arm, a Wally who wasn’t there when I went to sleep. All the hiking from the day before left Isaac and I sore in unusual locations so we did some foam rolling for relief. I’d never done it before but it was soooo nice.

Bright and early we went to the Hoyt Arboretum for a walk. Thousands of acres, miles of trails, tons of tall grass to bounce through… It was a Wally Wonderland. Just one more thing that makes me want to live in Portland!

Amazing tree at the Hoyt Arboretum


By the time we finished we were starving so we headed to Simpatica for brunch. Their food is positively delicious and their Bloody Mary lip-smacking good. I think I’m going to make Simpatica a mandatory stop for every trip, this was my second visit and it is the best breakfast joint I’ve ever been to. Wally couldn’t come since it was indoor seating only, but right after brunch we went to the street market.

I’d hoped to find some unique jewelry at the market but was disappointed to find all the best pieces were ridiculously overpriced. $260 for a handbeaded necklace?! Yikes! Instead we picked up a new bed for Wally’s crate, a couple squeaky toys for the show ring, and some sweet potato chews. You’d think it was Wally’s birthday and not ours!

The afternoon was wiled away with me finishing The Last Empress, Wally lounging in the sun, and Isaac working on the Datsun 510 he picked up in Salem. It seems like every time we go to Portland he finds a car to look at, and this time he bought it. Isaac spent so long working on the car that we had to cancel our reservation at Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, which was a bit disappointing. I guess we’ll use the gift cert we bought for the Rose City Dog Show in January 2012.

Portland is known for it’s food carts and we decided to check them out for a quick dinner. We wandered a few blocks until we settled on a Mexican joint and ordered carnitas burritos. They were pretty damn good for $5 each! We ate in the park, which provided another great opportunity to work on “leave it” as dogs walked by. I also discovered that Wally loves tortillas.

Finally we headed home around 8pm with Wally passed out on my lap. All in all a fantastic trip and a great weekend for Wally!

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