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Home, then back again

I should have posted this video two weeks ago, but life and other excuses. For 6 weeks I was in VA for work, then came back for 2 weeks. This is a super adorable video of the dogs’ reactions when I walked in the door.

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Wally, du bist der beste

I called Wally to breakfast but he refused to come, so finally I went to investigate. He was snuggled happily with my 99 year old Oma, and had no intention of moving. I love this guy.


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You can tell who is a morning person


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Oh good morning sleepy head






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Street cred

Sometimes I have to adjust my lens of reality to make sure my reality is real. For example, all my life (and literally, I mean for as long as I can remember) I’ve been waiting to do all the things I’ve done with Wally: get a fabulous dog that also happens to be a show dog; train, handle, and finish that dog myself, etc. Now I have one more thing to add to that list, one that makes me feel legit: Wally got his OFA and CERF certs done.

Over the years I built up a kind of romanticized view of these kinds of things, so when I took Wally to Steamboat Animal Hospital I felt like I had joined an elite club. I, too, now had a dog that would go down in the record books with a CHIC number and full health certs. Step two of becoming a great breeder, accomplished! [Step one was to start with a great dog. Done.]

Every 6 months Steamboat has a Breeder Day where they spend an entire day doing nothing but CERF and OFA certs: hips, patellas, heart, eyes, thyroid, etc. For a CHIC number a Border Terrier must have patellas, hips, eyes, and heart checked, so that’s what we did. We made the 1.5 hour drive and showed up right at 8am to find ourselves in a long line of people who had already been there for 2 hours.


Headed home, drunk on success. And drugs.


The whole thing took more than 3 hours, mostly just waiting around for our number to be called (each test had it’s own queue). I didn’t mind though because it was significantly cheaper and easier than trying to complete each test individually (see a cardiologist for heart, see my vet for hips/patellas, go to a show with CERF checks…). Dogs have to be heavily sedated for x-rays, and after that one Wally was like a drunken gnome. He would try to sit up on my lap but inevitably would lean hard to one side and need propping up. His eyes also had to be dilated for the eye check so on the way home I was constantly shielding his eyes from the bright sunny day and carrying him around because he couldn’t really walk. He was drunk for the rest of the day, which prompted lots of cuddling.

As for results, his eyes and heart were officially good. I’m still waiting for the hips/patellas but the preliminary results were good. Also, x-rays of your dog are SO COOL. And apparently people at work will think you’re a weirdo for having an x-ray of your dog on your computer. Meh.

CH kilcreggans HMS Audacious_Oct 2013_11953-20131006103215511-original

Said one guy at work: “Where’s your dog’s ‘stuff’?”
Said I: “Right where his stuff should be.”
Said he: “Oh!”



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There are some big things happening around here, but I want to hold off on the big reveal until tomorrow or Sunday. Needless to say I feel like Ron Swanson right now…



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What we were doing while were were MIA

Despite the total lack of activity on LBD for the past couple months, things have in fact been happening!


We hung out with friends Coal (left) and River (right)


Made new friends in Port Townsend


Practiced our modeling skills


Did some sun bathing


Rolled in stinky things


Played at the beach


Went for walks and laid in the bushes when it got too hot


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